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Efficient Medical Training with VR

Efficient Medical Training with VR

Medical VR training has been shown to boost learner performance and improve retention, while reducing cost and enabling rich data collection in ways which haven’t been possible through traditional training.



Healthcare workers (HCWs) around the world are stepping up to combat COVID-19. A recent study showed that 90% of observed HCW are using their personal protective equipment incorrectly, which can be a primary cause of transmission.


VR Training is the Future, Now

Benefits of VR Learning

Cost savings

Physical classrooms and equipment are expensive

Experiential and interactive

Get hands-on experience practicing physical procedures

Students can be anywhere

All you need is a VR device and internet to learn.

No space constraints

Virtual learning spaces can have an infinite number of seats.

Reduce bias

Using generic avatars can help remove implicit bias.

Access to best teachers

Instructors can teach classes from anywhere in the world.
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